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Albeda College

– Stichting voor Interconfessioneel Beroeps- en Algemeen Vormend Onderwijs en Volwasseneneducatie voor Rotterdam en omstreken.

The Albeda College is a large comprehensive school for intermediate vocational education (“MBO”) and adult education in Rotterdam. Here, approximately 25,000 students follow an education under the supervision of approximately 2,400 employees. We offer our students over 350 educations and qualification possibilities on 50 locations.

The Albeda College attends to vocational education in the area of Healthcare, Welfare, Service Provisioning, Food, Technology and Economics. In addition to vocational education the Albeda College also attends to education in the area of integration, including literacy L2 and reintegration.

With this wide offer our school conquered a central position in society. We create opportunities for everybody and we realise an optimum connection to the employment market as a result of our close collaboration with companies and institutions. We closely follow new developments.

Our participants include both adult and young illiterate migrants. They come from many different countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. In the last few years we have specialised in alphabetization and have participated in a national project, initiated by our Ministry of Education.

We intend to include the results of the ALFIE project in ‘Alfa News’. This is a magazine that serves as a platform for teachers and others in adult and secondary education, who are in one way or another involved in alphabetization activities. The magazine is edited by specialists in the field, and we have been invited to contribute to its contents.

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