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Reykjavik meeting 3 – 5 October 2012

19.30 Dinner in center of Reykjavik.Gudmundur will come to hotel Orkin at 19.00  (Hotel Park inn at 18.50)Restaurant Caruso, Thingholtsstraiti 1, 101 Reykjavik.
8.50 Gudmundur will meet at hotel Orkin and take the group to the university.
9.00   – 9.30Room   H-001 Welcome + introduction of programme and practical matters.


9.30   – 10.00 Teacher education and professional development

The CH experience

Ann, Michaela, Lis

10.00   -10.30 Teacher education and professional development

The ES experience

Rosa, Esther, Victoria

10.30   – 10.45 Coffee
10.45   – 11.45 Teaching oral language –  introduction

Classroom examples

Kari, Sissel

11.45   – 12.00 Q&A – Summing up morning discussion

Hanne + all

12.00   -13.00 Light Lunch at Perlan (The Pearl).5 minutes taxi drive from the university
13.15   – 14.00 Icelandic programme:Immigrants in Iceland. Education and situation today.List of additional reading.

Hanna Ragnarsdóttir, associate professor


14   – 14.40 Icelandic programme: Vietnamese students at high school level.

Anh-Dao Tran, doctoral student.

15.00 Cultural tour to Thingvellir, 3-3,5 hours guided by Gudmundur.

Bus will be at the University

19.30 Dinner at Brasserie Askur, Sudurlandsbraut 4-8. Short walk from hotels.

Gudmundur will meet you at Hotel Orkin


FRIDAY   5 OCTOBER   room H209 
9.00 Good morning!
9.00   – 9.20 ALFIE administrative matters


9.20   – 9.50 Teacher education and professional development

The NL experience

Mark, Dolorata

9.50   – 10.20 Teacher education and professional development

The NO experience

Sissel, Kari

10.20   – 10.30 Coffee
10.30   – 12.00 Summing up discussions so far;How can this be reflected in our final recommendations?Working on our final recommendations: Content that needs to be addedHow to get a good work process towards the Girona meeting

Hanne + all

12.00   – 13.00 Lunch in the university canteen
13.00   – 13.40 Icelandic programme: New 5 years teacher education. Immigrants in the program.


14.00 Visit Education and Service Training Center

15.30   – 16.00 Summing up, final discussion and questions.

Evaluation overview

Hanne + all

16.00 Easy walk around the center of Reykjavik (could be changed according to weather).
19.00 Dinner at Gudmundurs house,

Birkihvammur 7, Kopavogur.

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